Something Fishy

Life is as deep as the ocean blue! Here is a helpful page for you!

Have fun learning about aquarium life! On this silly page you will find games and learning activities, such as live feeds of real life fish. There is nothing fishy about that! Lets dive on into your learning experience, here at the Rockford Aquarium.

Live Cams Map

From the shoreline to the deepest seafloor. Welcome to the world of water, home to the world’s richest diversity of marine life. These sub aquatic locations offer sweeping underwater vistas, providing an unparalleled setting for a spectacular opportunity to sea life in real time. These live cams below offer awesome views of aquatic nature from around the sites in North America. Some of the live cams’ activity depends on weather and tides.

The ocean covers 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. It contains about 1.35 billion cubic kilometers (324 million cubic miles) of water, which is about 97 percent of all the water on Earth. The ocean makes all life on Earth possible, and makes the planet appear blue when viewed from space. Water plays a major role in climate as well….. Part of our North American continent that extends underwater to the deep-ocean floor and the Ocean plays a vital role in climate and weather. The sun’s heat causes water to evaporate, adding moisture to the air. The oceans provide most of this evaporated water. The water vapor condenses to form clouds, which release their moisture as rain or other kinds of precipitation. All life on Earth depends on this process, called the water cycle. From the shoreline to the deepest seafloor, the ocean teems with life. The hundreds of thousands of marine species range from microscopic algae to the largest creature to have ever lived on Earth, the blue whale. Designed as a portal into large underwater environments, Rockford Aquarium presents the flowing motions inherent in all marine life. This exciting interactive Map below can be used in the elementary and high school classrooms through lesson plans and live-feed videos that connect classrooms from the pages.

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